Saturday, April 22, 2006

Warning for 06/06/06

I got this e-mail from a friend in NYC. Scary and possibly true:

There are MANY MANY Satanic cult such as: The Church of Satan (tickets to their black mass have been sold out), Free Masons, Luciferians, The order of Amaranth, Odd Fellows, Buffalos, the Druids, Foresters, Orange, Elks, Moose, Eagle Lodges, KKK, the Grange, the woodman of the world, Riders of the Red Robe, the nights of Pythias, the mystic order of the veiled prophets of the enchanted realm, the women's orders of the eastern star, the white shrine of Jerusalem, and ESPECIALLY Diane Vera and her group who reside somewhere around St Patricks in NYC.

ALL practice the BLACK ARTS in some way including BLACK MASSES.

In a few weeks the Day 06/06/06 will come. These anti-Christ's manage to get a hold of consecrated Eucharists to desecrate it.

I ASK that you ALL mark this day on your calendar and PRAY for the protection of the Eucharist.


Pray particularly for unborn life because these groups utter blasphemies against non-aborted unborn children in order to corrupt them.

Extra prayers of thanksgiving and praise to the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Virgin so that our prayer compesate for thier blasphemies.

For the protection of the church, clergy and bishops and the church's FAITHFULL who will also be blasphemed.



Diane Vera said...

Hi! I'm the Diane Vera referred to in your post of April 22, 2006, to which my attention has just now been called by a friend of mine.

In the future you might want to consider doing some research before passing along rumors which, by your own admission, you're not sure are true. That goes double for rumors you consider "scary" -- do you wish to be known as a purveyor of false alarms?

I don't know whether to be scared, flattered, or just amused that I'm now the final "ESPECIALLY" on someone's disapproving list of bigtime Satanists. At least I'm actually a Satanist, unlike the majority of the people and groups mentioned. For example, the rumor that the Freemasons are Satanists has been around since the late 1800's, but it wasn't true then and still isn't true now (with a very few individual exceptions).

As for the Black Mass: Historically, the Black Mass has played a much bigger role in anti-Satanist rumor-mongering than in actual Satanism. Very few Satanists perform Black Masses more than occasionally. The most popular form of Satanism today is LaVeyan Satanism, and, as Anton LaVey stated in the chapter on the Black Mass in his Satanic Bible, a Black Mass is performed only occasionally as a cathartic psychodrama for people of Catholic background.

Even fewer Satanists would bother with stealing a consecrated host from a Catholic church. The vast majority of Satanists (especially those of us who are NOT of Catholic background) do not believe that a consecrated host has any special magical properties that would make it worth the bother to steal one. On the other hand, Satanist groups, especially the more public ones, do have a practical need to be law-abiding. There's a lot one can do to challenge traditional dogmas while still living within the law.

In any case, Satanist leaders are NOT urging people to steal consecrated hosts. If any people actually do steal consecrated hosts on June 6, 2006, those people will most likely be thrill-seeking kids who got the idea NOT from actual Satanist leaders but from anti-Satanist scaremongers.

I find it interesting that your letter writer urges people just to "PRAY for the protection of the Eucharist" rather than to discuss the matter with one's priest and to suggest beefed up security around the church on and during the few weeks before that date. The latter would probably be a good idea anyhow, since there will probably be some stupid kids out there who think it's really cool to vandalize a church on that day.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you, Matthaeus! Don't you realize that all the poor starving Satanist children in Cambodia need something to eat? We need those communion wafers and that grape juice more badly than you do! For shame, for shame!

Your friendly neighborhood Devil worshiper