Saturday, April 22, 2006

Assist the Pro-Life Movement

Please support this in any way that you can:

This is a proposed project to help mothers & babies in the Maryland/DC area. This property is in Montgomery County. It will serve as a home for unwed mothers and a retreat center for post-abortion. See info:


We are working against the clock to purchase this beautiful 22 acre site in the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. It is also unique in that it is strategically located adjacent to the prominent and historic Union Cemetery.

To be developed as a cemetery-type memorial park, Rachel's Field will consist of individually deeded grave-size plots where the lot owner may erect a permanent memorial stone of their choice dedicated to the memory of their pre-born child.

The vision of Rachel's Field and Sacredness of Life Memorial Chapel promises to rise as a significant landmark in our Nation's Capital in the struggle against the Culture of Death. This has the potential inspire pro-life groups in other areas to establish a Rachel's Field for their respective states as well.

First We Must Secure the Property:

This irreplaceable property consists of 22.5 acres, four houses, a barn and outbuildings, and is the ancestral farm owned by the late parents of Forest Grauel. Mr. Grauel is a 1/4th beneficiary of the estate and has committed both the entirety of his 1/4th beneficial interest plus cash, essentially half a million dollars, and additionally has assigned his exclusive right to purchase the property to Life Principles Trust. Until the quickly approaching date of May 4th, the exclusive purchase price at which Life Principles Trust can purchase is locked in at the appraised value as of the death of Mr. Grauel's mother which was January of 2004. The appraised value as of that date was one million five hundred fifty thousand dollars ($1,550,000.00). We were told by an appraiser that the property is now worth in excess of $2,200,000.00.

The real estate portion of the family estate is being administered by the Trust Department of Sandy Spring Bank of Olney, Maryland. In just days, on May 4th, Mr. Grauel's right to purchase at the appraised price expires, a developer stands ready to purchase, and we are told the Trust Department will sell it for a development of upscale homes.

One of two things must happen to come up with the funds needed for Life Principles Trust to acquire the property. First, of course, a benevolent donor or several benevolent donors could fund the purchase. Absent of that we need a lender whose heart is in pro-life and is willing to hold a first mortgage on the property of one million dollars for five years at 8% interest.

Join With Us In This Historic Endeavor:

For more INFORMATION Contact Forest L. Grauel or 301-793-5463 concerning the progress toward making Rachel's Field, Sacredness of Life Memorial Chapel and present and future generations. Pass along this beautiful brochure to a person of means who has a heart for the sacredness of life and could help make this a reality. See a copy of the brochure at You can download the front & back. It may be hard to print, though, as it’s 8.5 x 22 when laid out flat.

We are seeking individuals or organizations who would like to leave word that they can make direct CONTRIBUTIONS. We are also seeking individuals or organizations willing to join in with a group of fellow lenders who would collectively be first mortgage holders to finance the project. The Mortgage terms are for either three or five years, at 8% interest and is fully secured by a first Mortgage. Further details are available upon request. Contact Richard Retta (301) 424-4225 or Bill Luksic (301-461-9282)

Rachel’s Field, Sacredness of Life Memorial Chapel and Mother’s House have the full endorsement of Right to Life Of Montgomery County, W.A.K.E.-U.P., Each K of C Council contacted, and others.

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