Friday, April 07, 2006

"Devils Be Damned"

What a wonderful title to an article in our school newspaper, the Diamondback. After our women's basketball team won the National Championship this week, our school paper titled one of the articles "Devils Be Damned" (we beat the Duke Blue Devils in the National Championship game).

I can do nothing but commend our paper for laying the smackdown on evil spirits. Get back Satan! I wonder if there are St. Benedict medals all over the Diamondback office ("Drink your own poison Satan!")...hmmm...only one way to find out.

My only guess is that the Catholic Terps who work for the Diamondback have been evangelizing so much that the staff finally decided to use this chance to call out Duke for having a mascot from hell.

I was just reading Evangelii Nuntiandi by Pope Paul VI, and his comments on evangelization seem very appropriate here:
"In the dynamism of evangelization, a person who accepts the Church as the Word which saves normally translates it into the following sacramental acts: adherence to the Church, and acceptance of the Sacraments, which manifest and support this adherence through the grace which they confer." (EN 23)

So if there was a true conversion of heart, then the attendence at Daily Mass should be going up soon. Or else, it was a fluke choice of words that don't really involve any full conversion of heart. Of these two choices, I prefer to ponder on the first.

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