Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meeting with a bishop

So this morning, I....met with a bishop!


Here is the account that I put up on the Missionaries blog:

Lauda Deum!

This morning, Missionaries Lacy Howard and Patrick Yungwirth met with His Excellency Martin D. Holley. He gave his approval of our organization and the need for the spread of the Theology of the Body in today's culture. (He has even been speaking with one of his priest friends about it for the past few weeks.)

Not only that, but he mentioned that he is pretty sure that the Cardinal supports us (officially) too. That is pretty amazing. May the Lord continue to bless these, his shepherds, and all Bishops throughout the country and the world. May we continue to support them in all our efforts.

(A letter from the Bishop should be coming in the mail soon. It will be put on the website.)

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